Mold found at Fort Eustis – Photos sent to me from member of US Military stationed there.

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I’m posting a follow up to the article I posted in May about mold found at Fort Eustis. A member of the military stationed there was kind enough to send me photos via email of mold he observed in his living quarters.

He told me.. “These photos were taken in October / November 2002 at Fort Eustis.  I cant remember the barracks name but it was the second old building behind the 6th Battalion HQ barracks.”

He further explained to me in the email that he is now allergic to virtually everything and has had major sinus issues along with a number of surgeries. He complained a number of times to commanders and nothing was done.

Thank you Simon for sending along these photos and sharing your experience. To serve your country and then be asked to live in these conditions is unfortunate and downright despicable.

Click on each image to see a larger version.

Peeling paint, water damage observed at Fort Eustis.

Peeling paint, water damage observed at Fort Eustis.

Visible mold, water damage observed at Fort Eustis.

Visible mold, water damage observed at Fort Eustis.


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