Mold remediation companies tested in Arizona. (Article)

mis-120604-self-in-crawlspace_small.jpgHere is another story of a local news station going undercover and checking out mold remediation companies. The key to the story is located in the last line..  “Consumers who think they may have mold should first have it tested. The test usually costs between $100 and $400 and it takes a couple days to get the results back.” I couldn’t agree more… having a third party inspector out to inspect and test who also DOES NOT PROFIT from remediation is the best way to protect yourself as a consumer. 



2 Responses

  1. I couldn’t agree more. The only problem is that the customer usually takes the advice of the inspector on who to call if mold is found. Customer’s should make sure the Inspector and the Remediation company are not in league with each other. In my area a lot of mold inspectors refer work to the same remediation company, which is just as bad as having the same company do both. Consumer’s must be vigilant and ask questions or take it upon themselves to research the companies they are trusting with the health of their families.

    Lance CMI, CMRC

  2. Thank you for the post Lance and I hope to see you continue to post in the future. The more input on the site the better experience for the consumer. I do agree with you on remediation referrals to a degree. In my business I have made a decision not to accept any monetary compensation from remediation companies for whom I refer. I have been offered but choose to avoid the conflict of interest. I advertise this fact on my site and I strongly believe it prevents bias. When a client asks me for a referral, which they often do, I will give them four names and instruct them to call each one. I also strongly encourage them to call companies that are not on my referral list.


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