Washington State – “Homeowners bill of rights law dying”

Not looking good for new home buyers in Washington. Click here to read the article.


“Chemicals found in household cleaning products cause asthma in children, finds study” (Article)

Slightly off the mold but I thought still a relevant post as it deals with indoor air quality.


“Clean up that moldy mess.” (Article)


A blog worth checking out…

A colleague of mine was kind enough to send me a link to a blog she has visited and thought would be useful for my visitors.

The Apergillus Website Blog.

A little info about their site …  “The Aspergillus Website is dedicated to providing information on aspergillus, aspergillosis, aspergilloma and other health problems caused by aspergillus to the professional and layperson. This blog will be used to provide latest information, news, current events, announcements and links to useful information.”

– Andy

Board of Equalization sued over mold. (Article)


“Federal Mold Bill to be reintroduced” (Article)


Mold makes it hard for NY family to breathe (Article)

“The mold at Jo-Elynn Vega’s rented home makes breathing so difficult that, she says, the family has to wear medical masks inside the house and her daughter recently began coughing up blood.”

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