Mold remediation companies tested.


I came across this article and I think it is worth your time to read… especially if you are considering hiring a remediation company to remove mold without the consultation of an independent party, in particular a mold inspection company who has no vested interest in clean-up. While the majority of remediation companies are ethical, a homeowner without some knowledge can be taken advantage of. As I mentioned above.. always good rule of thumb to get multipe opinions and seek out help from and inspector who will not profit from remediation. The article also includes the EPA’s “Ten things you should know about mold.”
– Andy

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  1. Andy, the article you provided was a good article. Here is the link to the US EPA resource on mold as well,

    Mold can affect us in three ways
    The effects of mold on humans depend on their physical receptivity to it.

    Allergenic: In certain people,contact with mold, either by breathing it, eating it or touching it, can cause an allergic reaction. Reactions include red eyes, runny nose, skin rash, hay-fever type symptoms, coughs and fevers. This may happen whether the mold is dead or alive. Dry mold may cause as many reactions as active mold.

    Pathogenic: This type of mold is very harmful. It is defined as an agent that can cause disease and perhaps kill. It can invade human tissues. Pathogenic mold thrives in persons with suppressed immune systems or those taking chemotherapy.

    Aspergillus Toxic: This type of mold can produce fatal results, as well. While certain types of molds are toxigenic, that is, they can produce toxins–mycotoxins, they, are not toxic, or poisonous, themselves. Like pathogenic mold, its toxicity depends more on the individual’s immune system.

    It is important to have your home inspected for mold and other unhealthy contaminants. Contact Inquiring Eye Home Inspections today;!

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