Mold remediation companies tested.


I came across this article and I think it is worth your time to read… especially if you are considering hiring a remediation company to remove mold without the consultation of an independent party, in particular a mold inspection company who has no vested interest in clean-up. While the majority of remediation companies are ethical, a homeowner without some knowledge can be taken advantage of. As I mentioned above.. always good rule of thumb to get multipe opinions and seek out help from and inspector who will not profit from remediation. The article also includes the EPA’s “Ten things you should know about mold.”
– Andy

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Doctors want city to crack down on on mold and other housing code violations.

“Forty doctors wrote to Mayor Bloomberg, Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden and Housing Commissioner Shaun Donovan asking for stricter enforcement of mold removal.”

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Plants can improve the air quality in your home. (Article)

istock_000000754769small_small.jpg From my home state comes a good article found in the Asbury Press on plants and their effectiveness at eliminating airborne pollutants from indoor spaces like your home or business.

Online mold resources for consumers.

I came across this site that offers a good amount of information to consumers about mold and it’s potential effects on one’s health.

Sharper Image files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (Link)

Negative publicity from litigation involving their line of Ionic Breeze air purifiers was cited as part of the reason for Chapter 11 filing.

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I’ve had a water loss in my home.. should I contact my insurance company?

This is a good question that I’m often asked on site or on the phone with clients. My answer… tread carefully and think it out before you pick up the phone.  Reporting a loss can land your home in the CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) database raising premiums or worse dropped coverage. For a more detailed explanation of this database and it’s effect on your insurance coverage, check out this article by Liz Pulliam Weston.